The approach taken by the design team is simple: to refurbish and reuse the historic buildings, and design new buildings which reflect the industrial history of the site.

Specifically, the intention is;

  • to create a mixed use development of the site which provides both residential accommodation and permanent employment opportunities.

  • to create a development which provides real benefit to the community, including affordable housing and affordable new shop units

  • to create a development which respects and enhances the historic environment, and is firmly “of its place”.

  • to design new buildings which respond to the industrial heritage of the site and are built with a long life in mind.

  • to create a largely pedestrianised development with extensive open landscaped areas.

  • to encourage cycling and other sustainable forms of transport.

Before and After

Visual Impact of Proposals on Surrounding Streets.

The following slides are based on an accurate, geo-located 3d model of the proposals and the surrounding streets, and compare before and after images of key views towards the site.  The "after" images are provided as wireframes, which makes it easier to understand the impact on the existing view. You can use the arrow keys on either side of the images to toggle between "before" and "after". 

Proposed Site Layout

The proposed site layout, which seeks to balance the key goals of achieving a mixed development, which respects the history of the site whilst remaining financially viable, is set out below:

Site Overview Plan.png

Constitutution Street

A key goal is to create an attractive and vibrant mixed use frontage along Constitution Street.  The proposed uses include affordable shops, affordable housing, a cafe and a digitally enabled co-working space.

The affordable shops to the South East of Constitution Street will be formed from the remaining shop frontage of the substantially demolished Victorian building on the site, and provide small units available only to local small businesses.  The intention is to create the sort of diversity found in Elm Row, St. Stephens Street or William Street:

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North Assembly St Proposed