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This website is intended to inform you about a potential planning application  at 1-5 Baltic Street and 7-27 Constitution Street.

The proposal combines the re-use of redundant industrial buildings and new development on a brownfield site.


The website forms part of a formal pre-application process and the primary purpose is to seek your views on the proposed development. 


Once we have received comments from the community and the community council, a detailed planning application will be submitted. When a planning application is submitted, the surrounding community will be notified by the City of Edinburgh Council and provided with the opportunity to submit formal comments to the Council at that time.

A Public Exhibition was held on 28th November 2019 at the Custom House, Leith.  The exhibition boards are available here:


Sundial Properties

Sundial Properties is a family-owned, Edinburgh-based property development company, with a track record stretching back for over 40 years. In that period we have established a first class reputation with both purchasers and property market professionals for imaginative and sympathetic developments within a broad range of historically important buildings.

We believe that most people would prefer to live in buildings which sit comfortably within their environment, whether they be historic or new. We therefore look to enhance, rather than obscure, the history of sites which we develop.

Over the past 20 years the company has developed over 80 listed buildings within Edinburgh and Leith, and has developed or is developing a total of almost 700,000 sq ft. of property. We are particularly proud of our work in Leith, including the redevelopment of the former Leith Academy (completed in 2016), the former Leith Hospital (completed in 2002), and a former warehouse at 95 Constitution Street (completed in 2001).


Whilst many of our developments have been of Georgian buildings within the City centre, we have also developed buildings such as the strikingly modern 23 Ravelston Terrace (completed in 2012). 

The common factor between all of our developments is an entirely bespoke approach to the specific context of the building or site. We believe that the former Edinburgh and Leith Gasworks provides a uniquely exciting opportunity to celebrate and breathe new life into an important part of Leith’s industrial heritage.